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Alix Cole - Owner of Face Facts Skincare Beauty Salon provides beauty therapy, anti-ageing facial treatments, bridal make-up, skincare, facial treatment & make-up products e.g. Crystal Clear Micro-Dermabrasion from its studio near Buckingham, BuckinghamshirePhoto: Courtesy Kate Hopewell-Smith

“Love your body and your face” says Alexandra

Alexandra Cole is the owner of Face Facts Studio and facial beauty salon in Buckingham, a pretty market town near Milton Keynes in the north Buckinghamshire countryside. Alexandra has won many awards for her work and is active in “Women in Enterprise”. She gives talks, has appeared in print, on the web, on radio & TV about anti-ageing and top lifestyle issues for women.

Loving your body as a whole can boost your confidence, but facial specialist Alexandra suggests that feeling comfortable with your face has the biggest impact on our self esteem. Alexandra's love affair with the face was inspired by her mother, who was Elizabeth Arden's right hand women in the 1930's and 40's. Read more in Alexandra's “Style Secrets” interview with Image magazine below.

Alexandra takes pride offering only the best facial treatments at the Face Facts Face Studio. Specialising in non-surgical and anti-ageing high-tech treatments, with no fillers or injections involved, these treatments, at the forefront of the latest technology, offer outstanding results. The celebrity endorsed Bio-Therapeutic Facial Toning treatment and Crystal Clear Micro-dermabrasion and Oxygen treatments, all appear regularly in national magazines.

Top products used in Alexandra's facial treatments are the holistic Espa range and those of Dr Howard Murad. As a make-up artist Alexandra offers the latest mineral make-up from Glōminerals. As a member of The British Association of Skin Camouflage, Alexandra also offers expert advice and has appeared on TV and radio talking about her work and passion as a facialist, spreading the word on how women can boost their self-esteem by feeling good about themselves facially. Face Facts Studio is also involved in facial workshops with local women's charity groups.

Beauty industry & business awards

»British Beauty Awards Finalist Facial Therapist of the Year
»Women in Enterprise - Media Promoter of the Year
»Business Woman of the Year shortlisted
»Murad Salon of Excellence
»Winner Women in Business (MK)
»Bio-Therapeutic Salon of Excellence

Print media appearances

»Business publications - Business MK
»Lifestyle publications - Style MK and Lifestyle MK
»Women's Magazines - Vogue, Woman, Chic, Image, Real Woman, Cosmo Bride

TV & radio appearances

»MKTV on Sky on anti-ageing treatments
»MKTV on Sky top lifestyle issues for women
»Carlton TV Lifeline : cosmetic camouflage for scarring
»BBC Radio, Horizon Radio, Radio Europe and local radio
»GMTV This Morning with Gloria Hunniford & Jan Leeming
»BBC 3 Counties Radio Show - read more below...

Pictured left: Alexandra being filmed for one of her numerous media appearances.

Alexandra on BBC 3 Counties Radio

Alexandra appears periodically on BBC 3 Counties Radio on the Lorna Milton In the Afternoon Show. To listen, tune to 104.5 FM in Milton Keynes and 95.5 FM in Bedfordshire.

Alexandra's TV and radio appearances enable her to spread the word to a much larger audienceon how a woman can boost her self-esteem by feeling good about herself facially and what treatments are available to help her achieve that. Lorna Milton's show is a fast-paced, lively, lifetyle programme.

Here's what Lorna says about Alix Cole. "I first met Alix when she popped into my studio one afternoon to take part in a week-long feature dedicated to improving everyone's health and wellbeing. From our 5-minute chat on air I quickly realisted that Alix has a great passion for what she does. Improving people's skin, faces and making them feel better about themselves isn't just a business for her... it's her life!"

Alix returned for an hour-long slot, taking listeners' questions. "She talked about how to improve your skin and delighted many people by telling us you didn't necessasrily have to spend a fortune in order to do it," says Lorna. "I loved this. We sorted out listeners' queries which ranged from dry skin, oily skin and blemishes to the age-old problems of crow's feet and teh dark circles under the eyes which we all dread."

Alix joined Lorna on air a couple of times before she reciprocated, inviting Lorna to her studio at Thornborough. Lorna says "We thought we'd do a few recordings with more practical tips about improving your skin. Looking around Alix's studio, my eyes were drawn to all these amazing photographs and magazine articles all about her and her times on GMTV with newsreader Jan Leeming & broadcaster Lorraine Kelly of This Morning BBC TV and the work she does for those who have been affected by serious accidents and the help and advice she offers them."

Alexandra reveals her style secrets to Image magazine

Style secrets interview with Alix Cole - owner of Face Facts Skincare Beauty Salon provides beauty therapy, anti-ageing facial treatments, bridal make-up, skincare, facial treatment & make-up products e.g. Crystal Clear Micro-Dermabrasion from its studio near Buckingham, Buckinghamshire.

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Alexandra's Russian mother, the Countess of Balfour, worked as “right-hand” woman to Elizabeth Arden in the 1930's- 40's. She taught Alexandra the importance of caring for her skin and gave her a passion for the face that is now reflected in her successful business; Face Facts Skincare Studio and beauty salon. Alexandra, who is married to motor racing journalist and commentator Mark, has one child and two step-children. Here she reveals her passion not only for the face, but style in general.
Where are your favourite shopping grounds?
For fun, modern and well priced labels, it would have to be Number 8 in Winslow and I love Zara in Milton Keynes. If Joan Collins can wear their clothes, it's good enough for me! For designer clothes, I head to Doyles in Woburn Sands and I love bargain hunting in Bicester Village. You have to go along there not expecting to find anything, then you will be pleasantly surprised.
What is your wardrobe weakness?
Recently, I seem to have developed a love of shoes and bags, along with fun, modern, little tops which I can put with my existing clothes to update them. You can change the whole look of an outfit you've had for ages with accessories.
How important is your image in your work?
Firstly looking after my face is very important because, being a facialist, I always try to practise what I preach. It's not about looking young - just looking good - looking in the mirror - whatever is happening in your life - smile - put on the 'war paint' and make-up and you can face the day. When I am working in my studio I wear simple black casual wear, but when I do workshops, I wear whatever classic outfit is giving me the most confidence at that time!
What's the most you've ever spent on a piece of clothing?
£1,000 for that black Armani suit. I bought it five years ago and its been worth every penny because I've worn it so many times. I will never part with it until the seams start falling apart, which I doubt will be ever.
What was your first big purchase?
That Armani suit, then last year I bought an absolutely gorgeous Amanda Wakely black suede gilet from Doyles. It feels so glamorous, I love it.
Who inspires you style-wise?
Facially, my icons are Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren for their timeless beauty. Audrey Hepburn always looked so beautiful and Sophia Loren just looks stunning every time you see her. For overall style, it would have to be one of my clients - Martine Stewart - who has the remarkable ability of mixing great designer style with modern pieces. She always looks absolutely beautiful and has an immense sense of style.
Who are your favourite designers?
I love Amanda Wakely. To me, she is classical but very modern. Also I like Jasper Conran and all those great designer fun little tops you can pick up at places like Zara.
What can't you leave home without?
My Louis Vuitton bag, which was very kindly given to me by my son Sam, who is a chap with great taste. I simply love it. I always have my mobile phone in my bag. I couldn't be without it, and I never leave home without a quick spray of Allure by Chanel.
Do you have a favourite restaurant?
La Gare in Passey, Paris. When my husband was working for a TV station in Paris we went there all the time and it has many happy memories for me. Closer to home, I love all the privately owned bistros round about here and local pubs that do good food.
How about a favourite food?
Italian, that would be top of my list.
What are you reading now?
A book called The Langhorne Sisters by James Fox. It's all about the Astors and is absolutely intriguing. Nancy was a bit of a girl and it's fascinating. I love magazines as well... I think I was born with a copy of Vogue under my arm. I've bought it for as long as I can remember for my love of style and clothes. I also love Harpers and Queen.
How do you keep in shape?
I have a wonderful yoga teacher called Rosita. I started yoga last year and can really notice a difference. Rosita comes to me every six weeks and that motivates me to do it every day at home. I feel quite toned, all my clothes fit better and the breathing, which is an essential part of yoga, gives me so much energy. I wanted to do something which fitted in with my lifestyle, but I don't like the gym. Yoga is good for my mind and body. Keep in shape! I have recently discovered 'mindfulness' which is the secret to a balanced mind and emotion - happiness and peace... Wish I'd known about it years ago!
How do you treat yourself?
On a monthly basis, I treat myself to a massage and reflexology and also have acupuncture. I'm a great believer in alternative therapies.
Do you have any pet hates?
The dark winters. I love the spring, although I'm fortunate to live in such a beautiful place that every season is wonderful. Another pet hate of mine is bad manners.

Alexandra's Other Passion: The Voice

Professional British Female Voiceover Artist - Crystal Clear, Stylish, Refined and Upmarket

Born with a passion for the voice, Alexandra Cole specialised in drama at school, taking leading roles in plays. She gained certificates with the Poetry Society in London, including their Gold Badge for Excellence, and honours in diction, verse-speaking and in Shakespeare. Drama followed with the Harlequin Repertory Theatre Company in London and RADA courses. A career change saw her create her own facial therapy studio, and become one of Britain’s leading facial therapists, much in demand on TV and radio for her expert advice and opinion, including:

»This Morning
»Carlton TV
»BBC Local Radio
»Horizon Radio
»Radio Europe
»Sky (MK TV)

Alexandra has also delivered on-line training for skincare specialists Arbonne USA, and has even featured on a best-selling CD for Dutch blues artist Bridget, narrating a fairy story backed by music! She says “I recently combined my passion for the voice with the background of my drama training and media experience, and have been further coached by Vocalize Workshops to gain expertise in the media-driven area of voice-overs, with a mix of corporate, documentary, narrative, audiobooks, character voices and continuity.”

Alexandra provides voiceovers for TV, Radio and Audiobooks, Voice 123 and MP3 media. Her Voice website can be viewed at:

Contact Alexandra – who is available for voiceovers now - at: or 01280 814321.

Attached below is her MP3 professional voice reel, and also Vocalize’s assessment of her voice branding. Further reels are available on requests.

Click here to listen to Alexandra's professional MP3 VOICEREEL