Face Facts Skincare Studio Clients

Whilst Face Facts Skincare Studio owes most of it's success to professional facialist Alexandra Cole's passion for the face, together with the the best scientific anti-ageing treatments and skincare products available today and the latest cosmetics and beauty products; it would not be nearly so successful it it were not for its clients; especially amid all the doom and gloom constantly trust upon us nowadays. So we thought we'd share a few inspirational client profiles and stories below, as a THANKYOU TO OUR LOYAL CLIENTS!

Sue de Fraine of Baker Tilly Milton Keynes

Sue de Frain / Business MK articleClient Sue de Fraine, marketing administrator with Milton Keynes based chartered accountants & business advisers Baker Tilly (pictured right); was quoted in a recent Business MK magazine article:

“I went to see Alex a few months prior to our eldest son’s wedding, as I thought I could do with a bit of a treat. I felt my face without make-up was looking a little tired. Alex was amazing. She explained what happens to ladies of a certain age and gave me really valuable advice as to what I could have done to brighten my complexion and lift up the bits that were now getting the ‘gravitational pull’, making the fine lines even finer. Alex gave me some good tips, too, to carry to the wedding. That has now been and gone but I had so many lovely compliments on the day. I am now a Face Facts ‘convert’. I have booked several more sessions, and honestly
wished I had taken steps earlier, especially as I have known Alex for many years.”

Michelle O'Callaghan of “On Your Head Be It”

On Your Head Be It logoClient Michelle O'Callaghan of “On Your Head Be It”, specialises in the most exquisite millinery and accessories.

Whilst Michelle's website www.OnYourHeadBeIt.com is still in development (Spring 2011) it is still worth a visit to bookmark the site for a future return; as you never know when you'll need of a hat for a special occasion!

Kate Hopewell-Smith Photography

Kate Hopewell-Smith - photographerClient Kate Hopewell-Smith is a very talented photographer. Reading about Kate on www.katehopewellsmith.com, it's obvious that she is as passionate about her work as Alix Cole is about Face Facts Skincare Studio.

Kate says; “I love what I do - which is all about the unique combination of the craft and the people.” Having previously worked in creative industries, Kate moved out of London to raise her children whilst also studying photography. She goes on to say: “I cut my teeth taking pictures of my children, then my friends' children. I was asked to shoot a wedding and finally I listened to those close to me and decided to set up my business. There has never been any doubt about my speciality, my photographic passion - and that is photographing people.”

More client transformations and inspirational stories

Three more happy clients, Nina, Sammy & Jenny, are pictured left with Alexandra Cole outside the Face Facts Skincare Studio near Milton Keynes.

These three ladies are the subject of the following inspirational story on how Alix's client "make-over" transformations can also life self-esteem.

The amazing before and after photos (below right) show the dramatic changes that Alix's professional skills produced in these 3 clients!

Client “make-over” transformations lift self-esteem

The before & after pictures of Nina, Sammy and Jenny right, say it all. Chosen for outstanding course results from 400 others attending workshops at Milton Keynes Women & Work Group, the 3 were offered a clothes, hair and Face Facts Studio facial make-over, to boost their self-esteem and the face they show the world.

Sheer hard work, determination and a will to succeed, plus confidence-building experiences gave them the push they felt they needed to move forward with their lives.

Alexandra says “It was a privilege to be part of such a transformation... and I always think it's good for everyone to be able to see and share in how much this has been such a positive experience for them.

At the “Snap up a Frock” Autumn event where the women were guests of honour for the day, all looking absolutely gorgeous, they shared their thoughts on what a difference it has made to each one of them.

Sammy says “We all feel that not only have we enjoyed hugely the make-over and had great fun being part of it, but it has also given us all such a boost to our inner confidence”.

One of the girls has since been offered a possibility of an apprenticeship in her chosen career path for the future. This is surely a shining example of how supportive a business community Milton Keynes is.

Images and article reprinted courtesy of Lifestyle MK magazine.

Face Facts Studio were on this wedding belle's “Dream Team”

Face Facts Skincare Studio formed an essential part of client, Jenny Bell's “Dream Team” when she married fiance Sam. Along with other “Dream Team” members including the wedding planner, hairdresser and bridal gown supplier, Jenny chose Alexandra of Face Facts skincare Studio to do her bridal make-up on her special day.

Jenny and Sam, who were married in West Sussex, held their wedding reception in the fairytale 3 acre garden at their home, Strawberry House, amid a sea of bluebells . Cosmopolitan Bride magazine recently did an editorial piece on the wedding. To read the full article simply click the each of the small images below to view a larger version.

All images and article text courtesy : Cosmo Bride magazine.